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Welcome to the UK Guinea Pigs site. This site is for all who love guinea pigs, or piggies as they are affectionately known

I've always loved piggies, I had my first one 5 years ago - my eldest Clyde (pictured left). Piggies make excellent pets for anyone, and watching Clyde from becoming this sweet little baby that felt like stroking a hairbrush (he's an Abyssinnian), to the most beautiful, charming, comical, amazing, loving creature imaginable is rewarding. He is such a character, visit his page on Pet of the day .

The middle four are Munchkin, Smokey, Fluffy and Sam - all 2 years old in August. These are 2 pairs of brothers.

The baby of the family is Brewster.

UK Guinea Pigs has its own discussion list. click here for more information and to subscribe. You will need to reply to a confirmation message from egroups before recieving any mail from the list.

I am attempting to turn this site into a forum for guinea pig owners, I am pleased to announce an improved chatroom and discussion area facility, UK Guinea Pigs' own community site it is powered by the same company that does the free e-mail service. If you allready have a ukguineapigs e-mail account, then you can use the same username and password :o)

You can also send photos of your piggies to be included on the website.

Terms and conditions

1. They should be in jpeg format, 72 dpi with 50% quality, please don't send cpmpressed archives like Stuffit etc.
2. Include the piggies, name, breed and age plus a little info on them.
3. Send the photos to us by clicking here.
Or post photos directly to the websites Photo Album site

For comments, suggestions and to add a link to the guinea pig site just send us an e-mail by clicking here.

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