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Brewster's page

Breed: Smooth haired Gender: Boar Date of Birth: 8 April 2000

Brewster is our 6th piggie, he's 5 months old in September. He was going to live with Sam but bonded instantly with ‘the boss' when he was introduced to Clyde. Brewster is our first smooth haired guinea pig, though going by the shape of his face I would say there is an Abysinnian somewhere in the family. Brewster's charm is his different coloured legs! I've never seen a piggie with those before I met him. Brewster's story is set to be told as he gets bigger. Photos will be taken at regular intervals as he gets bigger, his next photo session will be at 6 months

Brewster's Photo Album

Brewster on cushion 8 weeks old

Brewster showing his different coloured legs 12 weeks old