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Brewster is a mixture - on the face of it he looks like a short haired guinea pig, his fur is quite long especially at the back. He also has different coloured eyes, ears, nostrils, lips and perhaps the most cutest feature (apart from his sweet face of course) is his different coloured legs.

Brewster was a year old in April. He lives with our eldest Clyde then 5 years old. 2 male guinea pigs can live together successfully if they are introduced properly. Brewster literally 'chose' Clyde. He's learnt most of Clyde's bad habits including tipping the food bowl over, grabbing his carrot waving it around then running off with it, and his display at feeding time. He does behave when he needs a bath, apart from shaking himself all over whoever is bathing him.

Do you have a pet named Brewster? Let us know enclosing a photo in gif or jpeg and send it to me

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