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Clyde's page

Breed: Self Golden Abyssinian Gender: Boar Date of Birth: 23 May 1995


Clyde was my first piggie, in a sense he was my first real pet. I had budgies and fish, but you cannot cuddle them. I had seen guinea pigs as a child, and I always wanted one, at 20 years old I had my first piggie. When I saw this golden brown funny looking animal with big eyes waiting for me at the front of the cage in the pet shop, it was love at first sight. It was the first time I saw an Abyssinian. I think he knew I was going to buy him. Mum was also amused by Clyde when she first saw him, she says "stroking him was like stroking a hair brush!

Clyde has a favourite person - my Mum - he'll bound over to her in the same way a small dog would. He's also managed flying leaps, landing on target precicely in his favourite spot on 'favourite persons' left shoulder where he will settle straight away.

There is only one word that can describe Clyde - unique. Over his 5 year lifespan he has been through so much, and there have been times when I thought I was going to lose him. He is a tough little fella and has bounced back everytime. After breaking his teeth a few years ago we were told he would need veterinary dental treatment for the rest of his life. At the time he was having rabbit food, so when we bought guinea pig food his teeth were soon back to normal and has not needed treatment for well over 18 months.

Clyde at feeding time is a comical event. When he was in his hutch he used to come to the front of the cage wheeking, then would run back and forth to the food bowl, then when the hutch door was open he would stick his head out of the door. Now he is in his cage, he will sit at the front, run over to the food bowl, then look up at the cage door, run over to where the hay goes, looks up at the door starts wheeking, comes back to the front of the cage where he goes on his hind legs, then the cycle starts all over again, only the wheeking gets louder each time! He's also stolen food out of our mouths, he stole a 'mini donut' out of Mum's mouth and started eating it. It was promply taken off him. but he gets the occasional crumbs as a treat.

Clyde does have his devious side! He will cover up the food bowl with hay to make out he hasn't been fed!

Clyde now lives with our youngest piggie, Brewster after an instant bond. Brewster was going to live with Sam in the cage upstairs, but when we introduced Brewsy to Clyde they bonded straight away and knew they had to live together. Clyde is now teaching him all his bad habits!

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Clyde's Photo Album

Clyde Settled

Clyde enjoying a nap in Cathy's basket

Clyde nearly 5

Clyde approaching his 5th birthday

Peanut, Brewster and Clyde

Clyde with housemate Brewster and Peanut the hamster

Clyde and Munchkin

Clyde and Munchkin