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Fluffy's page

Breed: Self Crossbreed Gender: Boar Date of Birth: 15 August 1998


Fluffy is called Fluffy because he is er fluffy. He came to live with us with his brother Sam. Though it is difficult to believe now, he was the smaller of the two. He was this tiny bundle of fluff, now he is the largest of all our guinea pigs.

Mum is amused by my choice of name - but it does suit him. She has this image of me sitting in the vets' waiting room with this huge macho boar sat on my lap, and someone asking me what his name is...and my reply "Fluffy". She is a fine one to talk, Mum wanted to name him FLOWER after the skunk in "Bambi" - I mean FLOWER, that's 10 times worse than Fluffy! Fluffy has a beautiful nature - he is such a big softie, he sucks clothes (and hair) - Fluffy by name and fluffy by nature.

Fluffy and Sam started off as living together, they were inseperable. It was heartbreaking when we had to separate them due to space. They had started fighting and climbing over eachother. We think they could live together again one day if we get a large rabbit cage for them.

Fluffy's Photo Album

Fluffy - the name really suits him

Fluffy and Sam