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Munchkin's page

Breed: Abyssinian Gender: Boar Date of Birth: 1 August 1998

Munchkin was my second piggie, like Clyde 3 years earlier he was waiting for me in the pet shop looking up at me adoringly. Clyde was then 3 years old, and thought the time was ideal to introduce a friend of his own kind. Munchkin is his nephew several generations removed.

Munchkin is a darker version of Clyde with the same big eyes. He lived with his brother Smokey (then called Spock untill Mum decided to change his name), but had tobe seperated when they started fighting.

Last year, Dad accidently put Munchkin in Smokey's cage and a territorial fight ensued leaving Munchkin with cuts all over his face. We gave him lots of TLC and he recovered, he still has a few scars today and doesn't trust other piggies appart from Clyde. The fight changed Munchkin's nature and has become more loving, he stopped the nasty nips he used to give us.

Munchkin is the ringleader (and the loudest) when it comes to wheeking. Anything that means food is on the way sets him off. Then I had the bright idea of ringing up a new local radio station with a reception report of its test transmissions, while Mum was preparing our lunch. Fridge door opens... plastic bags rustle... WhEEEEK!! WhEEEEEEKK!! A few weeks later I heard my phone call on air, complete with Munchkin demanding his dinner!

Munchkin's Photo Album

Spitting image of his uncle Clyde

Munchkin as a baby with his brother Smokey




Clyde and Munchkin