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Sam's page

Breed: Self Crossbreed Gender: Boar Date of Birth: 15 August 1998

Sam is Fluffy's brother and he is named Sam after a friend of ours Border Collie dog, a picture of him appears in Sam's photo album at the bottom of the page. Sam looks just like Border Collie puppy. In the waiting room in the vets, someone believed he was a puppy! Like his brother Fluffy, Sam is a cross breed but has more Abyssinian in him, which shows in his nature. Sam is a lot more bossy, demanding and vocal. He does have the same gentle look as Fluffy. When I first had these two, Sam was bigger, but now it is the other way round. Though Sam is only a little bit smaller than Fluffy.

Sam's Photo Album

Sam with Smokey

Sam the dog Sam is named after 1985-1999


Sam at a year old